XS R3D Night Sights come in suppressor heights to fit Glock pistols.

Glock pistol owners get new accessories to choose from with the announcement of XS R3D Night Sights in suppressor heights. The new offering comes as XS re-launches the former RAM Night Sights as R3D. The name change stems from a trademark issue.

XS R3D Night Sights

“We always like to be smart with our resources and lengthy litigation wasn’t the way to go,” said Zack Kinsley, Marketing Manager for XS Sights. “To our support channel, please know it will not affect our forward momentum. We are excited to announce the new suppressor height line extensions for popular LE and aftermarket pistols, and we plan to continue with the R3D product line full speed ahead.”

The new R3D sights feature radioactive material in a traditional three-dot tritium notch and post sight picture. The rear sight features a blacked-out style, increasing contrast. Meanwhile, the front sight comes in bight orange or green.

XS’s proprietary Ember Glow Dot technology allows the front sight to absorb ambient light. Additionally, the material glows in low light. The front tritium lamp also charges the Ember Glow Dot. The system makes the front sight glow brighter than the rear, keeping focus downrange.

XS R3D Night Sight Features

  • The brightly colored Ember Glow Dot in the front sight is a much brighter color which differentiates the front dot from the two rear dots.
  • The notch is 15-percent wider than the front sight, allowing more visible light around the front sight.  This makes it easier to see the front sight in changing light conditions and when shooting on the move, aiding in sight alignment, and increasing accuracy.

The R3D Nights Sights get CNC machined from bar stock steel. A rust-preventative coating makes them durable and reliable, according to XS Sights. The sights fit standard holster options. For more information, visit xssights.com.

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