Davidson's Colt Python revolver

Davidson’s just announced a special partnership between Automated Finishing and Colt’s Manufacturing. The result is an exquisite 6-inch Davidson’s Colt Python revolver equally capable of being a showstopper or a workhorse.

Davidson’s Colt Python Features Exquisite Engraving

A bright spot in 2020, Colt relaunched the Python to much fanfare. Few guns brought as much hype as the re-launch of the Python, so we covered it extensively and were left impressed. We even compared the classic version to the new model back in August. And in testing it proved worthy of the praise, picking up right where the old Python left off. Now Davidson’s offers a special edition of one of America’s most iconic wheelguns.

The 6-inch barreled revolver features armory-grade cut engraving. It encompasses the barrel, full underlug, frame and backstrap. The top of the rib remains matte stainless to cut the glare.

“We’ve produced many Exclusive Colt 1911s over just the past year and we were really excited to put something together for the Python”, said Kane Cannedy, VP of Purchasing for Davidson’s.

The upgraded revolver starts as a standard 6-inch barreled Python chambered in .357 Magnun. It comes standard with a walnut grip, red-ramp front sight and adjustable rear sight. Lastly, the upgraded Python retails for a cool $2,499.99. For even more info, please visit davidsonsinc.com.

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