Keep your leather belt, holster and ammo carrier ready with the Galco Holster Care Kit.

For those that carry each and every day, your gear takes a beating. Many carriers take time to put in regular maintenance on their gun and magazines. After all, what’s worse than a carry gun that won’t run? But an often neglected, your leather holster and mag carrier deserves equal attention. The Galco Holster Care Kit does the trick.

Galco Holster Care Kit

Leather holsters, belts and ammo carriers all come from natural materials. As such, they all require periodic care and maintenance. The Holster Care Kit includes products designed to protect the gear that protects you.

Galco’s Leather Lotion offers specially formulated cleaner and conditioner. It gently cleans and preserves finished naked and exotic leathers, according to Galco. The special wax-free formula removes surface dirt and provides water resistance. It should not be used on suede, nubuck or napped leathers.

Draw-EZ applies to the inside of the leather holster. It shortens the break-in period and helps enable a slicker draw. When applied sparingly to the interior surface of the leather pocket, Draw-EZ will not be absorbed by the leather, alter the fit of the holster, or harm the finish on either the firearm or the holster.

The Holster Care Kit also includes an application dauber, synthetic wool buffing pad and foam scrub pad. The kit retails for $34. For even more information, please visit

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