The Galco Combat Master holster now fits the Kimber K6S 2" revolver.

For revolver fans, the Kimber K6S 2″ variant emerged as a viable concealed carry option. Now Galco offers its Combat Master belt holster to conceal the popular wheelgun.

Galco Combat Master for Kimber K6S 2″ Revolver

The Combat Master comprises a professional-grade belt holster design. It utilizes top premium steerhide, hand-molded by experienced craftsmen, according to Galco. It delivers excellent retention properties while providing an appealing appearance as well.

But this holster isn’t just for looks. It features a traditional high-ride pancake-style design. It places the belt slots on either side of the holster, pulling the handgun tight to the body. The design helps defensive handguns disappear under even light clothing, according to Galco. Additionally, it features an open top with firing grip accessibility for speed.

The Combat Master covers the trigger as well. Meanwhile, double-stitched seams enhance durability. The holster’s twin belt slots fit belts up to 1 3/4 inches wide. So it works well with current clothing styles. All the while, it blends in and helps provide solid concealment.

As guns continue to fly off the shelves, more consumers turn to concealed carry as well. A good, solid belt holster remains an important part of the carry equation. The Combat Master comes in black or tan and retails for $99. For even more information, please visit

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