The Galco Hornet accommodates both crossdraw and appendix carry from the belt.

Developing a concealed carry routine depends entirely on circumstance. Weather, clothing and types of movement all provide certain parameters that dictate those choices. For those looking for an on-the-belt, crossdraw solution, the Galco Hornet meets demand.

Galco Hornet Holster

The Galco Hornet rides on the belt in a crossdraw configuration, but also carries in the popular appendix as well. The versatile design works well for individuals who find themselves seated for extended periods of time. The crossdraw also works well for shooters experiencing limited shoulder mobility.

The Hornet offers an enviable combination of comfort, speed and concealability. It accommodates both compact and subcompact pistol platforms, another welcome feature. The Hornet utilizes premium steerhide. Its tunnel-style belt loop mates with a belt slot. The resulting system delivers excellent stability on the belt, according to Galco. The Hornet’s butt-rear cant facilitates an easy draw from either the crossdraw or appendix position. Meanwhile, the open top design makes the draw stroke fast, simple and smooth, according to Galco.

The Hornet delivers fits for more than 25 pistols and revolvers. It even accommodates some pistols wearing red dot sights. The Hornet comes in black, fitting belts up to 1 1/2 inches. The holster retails for $79. For even more info, please visit

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