A Miami concealed carrier faced charges after shooting a fleeing attacker several times.

A Miami concealed carrier reportedly faces charges following a self-defense scenario gone all-too wrong in Florida. The incident occurred last January in North Miami.

Footage shows an odd scenario play out. We don’t know a lot of details, but the video illustrates a lot of mistakes and just how quickly a defensive scenario can escalate.

Miami Concealed Carrier Shoots Fleeing Attacker

The video shows situation between a diner and a Grubhub driver inside a local restaurant. Seemingly out of nowhere, the driver walks up to the diner and begins throwing a wild flurry of punches. The aggressor lands several punches on the man.

The aggressor lands nearly 10 punches before the initial victim manages to duck away and create space. At this point, the man draws a concealed pistol. The attacker sees the gun and runs away as the victim gives chase.

And this, of course, is where the fight should have ended. We don’t know if the victim’s next move was sparked by rage or fear or both. But the victim quickly became the aggressor. Footage shows him chase his aggressor out the door. He fires several shots, shooting as the suspect attempts to flee.

The shooter, identified as 21-year-old Tamario Rolle, fired seven rounds at the driver, according to local10.com. He struck the man four times in the right leg. Footage shows the driver finally collapse into the street.

“From what we’ve gathered, there was some type of argument that ensued in the restaurant and then it became physical,” North Miami police Officer Natalie Buissereth told local10.com. “From there it went out into the roadway, and this is where the victim was shot.”

Rolle claimed the driver attacked him unprovoked. He said he only pulled the gun after he was getting beaten up. He even remained at the scene to speak with police. However, police said Rolle faces one count of battery with a deadly weapon, according to local10.com. The original aggressor, and shooting victim, faced no charges.

Discretion Advised

We have no doubt Rolle possibly faced extreme emotions of panic and fear—a man seemingly attacked him for no reason. And the large adversary landed several punches before Rolle finally got to his gun.

But concealed carriers, gun owners in general, carry a burden of responsibility. We must always know the law and our rights within those laws. And in most places, that means when the opponent flees, you let him do so. And everyone lives to fight another day.

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