A great year for new models, we take a look at the 5 best pistols of 2020.

The year of 2020 will certainly go down in the history books. More infamy than legacy, the year challenged us all with social unrest, protest, riots, and a global pandemic that continues to rage on. If that wasn’t enough, it hammered gun owners with a Biden-Harris White House heading into office in the new year. But we wanted to focus on the best guns of 2020, specifically pistols.

PDW’s 5 Best New Pistols of 2020

Through all the challenges, the gun industry continued to produce. And good thing too, as gun sales reached historic highs among uncertain times. When it comes to handguns, it proved a banner year once again. From carry optics, to upgraded striker-fired guns to enhanced 1911s, the firearm industry turned out several great pistols this year. So here’s our look at the five best new pistols of 2020.

Wilson Combat WCP320

The Wilson Combat WCP320 takes the popular SIG P320 and adds tons of upgrades.

The Wilson Combat WCP320 utilizes the popular SIG P320 grip module. It adds a re-machined slide from Wilson, along with combat performance sights. The upgraded platform enhances traction and improves recoil control.

It features upgraded front and rear cocking serrations. On top of the slide, Wilson adds its X-TAC pattern. A stainless steel slide and chromoly barrel adds to the appeal. Finally, the pistol maintains SIG’s XFULL trigger for a smoother pull. Retail prices range from $1,195 to $1,350. For even more info, please visit wilsoncombat.com.

Kimber Rapide Black Ice

The Kimber Rapide Black Ice features radical slide cuts and several enhancements.

The Kimber Rapide Black Ice brings performance enhancing features such as stepped cocking serrations. Meanwhile, slide lightening cuts help deliver a faster lock time. A striking two-tone KimPro finish and DLC coated barrel looks good and protects. A flush fitting magwell, match grade trigger that breaks at 4-5 pounds and Tru-Glo TFX Pro Day Night Sights all contribute to performance.

The new Black Ice model comes with Kimber StiplexTM front-strap stippling. Additionally, black G10 grips provide extra gripping confidence. Finished with KimPro II, the pistol resists chemicals, moisture, salt and UV light. The pistol ships with one eight-round Tac Magazine. Prices range from $1,490 to $1,510. For even more info, please visit kimberamerica.com.

Mossberg MC2c

The follow up pistol from Mossberg, the MC2c, is designed for concealed carry.

The bigger brother to the MC1sc, the MC2c continues Mossberg’s venture into the pistol market. The larger platform comes chambered in 9mm, featuring a double-stack magazine holding up to 15+1.

A stainless steel slide with black DLC or matte stainless finish should hold up to EDC use. Meanwhile, ample angled serrations help promote slide manipulation. Dovetailed sights feature a low-profile, 3-dot configuration. Built for carry, the MC2c starts at $490. For even more info, please visit mossberg.com.

Nighthawk TRS Comp

Loaded and ready to compete, the Nighthawk TRS Comp comprises the company's first double-stack competition gun.

When it comes to high-end 1911 designs, Nighthawk owns an enviable reputation. But the company did something even it had never done before with the launch of its first double-stack competition gun, the TRS Comp.

Chambered in 9mm, the TRS Comp delivers 17+1 capacity. Built to compete, the company’s Fire Hawk compensator keeps muzzle flip down. Meanwhile, a match-grade, 5-inch barrel on a government-sized frame combines with a monolithic slide. A full-length dust cover adds more weight up front to stay on target.

A flat-face trigger, 18K gold bead front sight and Heine Ledge Black rear sight, along with a dimpled finish, round out an awesome package. The TRS Comp retails at $4,599. For even more info, please visit nighthawkcustom.com.

Smith & Wesson Performance Center M&P9 Shield EZ

Featuring the EZ system for easy manipulation, the S&W PC M&P9 Shield EZ excels for EDC.

The S&W Shield EZ line of pistols gained wide popularity upon introduction. Now the Performance Center M&P9 Shield EZ delivers an upgraded model into the fold.

The PC M&P9 Shield EZ sports a ported barrel and flat-faced trigger. A tuned action pairs well with the EZ system, which makes racking the slide easier for smaller-statured shooters.

Better still, the PC model comes chambered in 9mm, delivering an 8+1 capacity with two included magazines. Lightweight at just 23.2 ounces, the PC M&P9 Shield EZ, still at just $588, excels for concealed carry. For even more info, please visit smith-wesson.com.

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