With a red dot optic included, the SCCY DVG-1RD becomes instantly ready for carry optics.
(Photo by Alex Landeen)

SCCY Firearms has been known for its double-action carry guns. Proving the company’s innovative spirit, it now offers its own striker fired pistol – the DVG-1. SCCY’s focus is creating firearms fit for conceal carry. The DVG-1 is chambered in 9mm, has a 3-inch barrel, 10-round magazine, front and rear serrations and weighs 15 ounces, featuring a straight trigger with a 5.5-pound pull. Together, these features make the DVG-1 a great EDC option, but SCCY did not stop, releasing the DVG-1RD.

SCCY DVG-1RD Details

The DVG-1RD comes fully ready for carry optics. This variant includes the Crimson Trace CTS-1500 factory installed, red dot optic which features a 3.5 MOA aiming dot, 20,000-hour battery life and a three-year factory warranty.

Carrying a gun with an optic is becoming more common than it used to be. There are gun owners who have the desire to run their EDC with an optic, but purchasing and mounting a red dot can be expensive.

An inexpensive way requiring no modification is to utilize modular mounts that attach to the slide of the gun. I would not recommend this as it will most likely decrease your accuracy and fail in durability when it comes to everyday carry. Having your slide milled to accommodate your red dot would be the proper way, but much more expensive. With the DVG-1RD you get an all-inclusive package right out of the box.

Red Dot Advantages

There are concealed carry benefits that come with utilizing a red dot. The most obvious is that it offers most shooters much quicker sight acquisition. With proper, consistent, and regular training you can be just as fast with iron sights. But the reality is that most people will not or cannot dedicate time to train.

In addition to speed, optics offer the shooter increased accuracy. If your optic is properly zeroed and you understand how to adjust your hold for shorter or longer distances, accuracy can become very consistent.

Other benefits of a red dot optic would fall into the eyesight realm. For those with “aging eyes” a red dot offers much relief. When your eyesight is less than what it used to be, focusing on a target takes more time. The red dot obviously makes this much easier. Low light conditions would also fall into this category. Having an optic is an advantage in this scenario as well.

If you choose to run your EDC gun with an optic, it is still essential to train. Dryfire drills are a wonderful option, especially now with ammunition being scarce. Additionally, it is important to check your optic often. When the optic is holstered and carried daily it is subject to more abuse than if simply kept in your safe. You will want to make certain that it is damage free, the glass is clear and that it is retaining your zero.

Final Thoughts

SCCY firearms has done a fantastic job stepping into the striker-fired arena by offering a highly-sought out red dot optic as an included option. Recently at the Athlon Outdoors Rendezvous, I had the opportunity to run the DVG-1RD and I was not disappointed. The pistol ran well, and the optic made it even more enjoyable.

If you are looking for a sub-compact gun that is optics ready, reliable, built for everyday carry and won’t break the bank, the SCCY DVG-1RD is worth checking out. For even more information, please visit sccy.com.


  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Height: 5.06 inches
  • Overall Length: 6.01 inches
  • Overall Width: 1.0 inch
  • Weight: 15.5 ounces
  • Barrel: Quadlock
  • Overall Barrel Length: 3.1 inches
  • Barrel Twist: 1:16 Right-Hand
  • Trigger Pull: 5.5 pounds
  • Overall Magazine Capacity: 10+1
  • Coating: H&M Black Nitride
  • MSRP: DVG-1, $289; DVG-1RD, $389

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