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A storm of gun control bills blew into Texas in November, with pre-filing ushering in a record number of anti-gun legislation. Among the fray, one bill would even ban private firearms sales among Texas citizens.

Texas Bill Would Ban Private Firearms Sales

Texas State Rep. Lina Ortega (D) filed 16 of those bills. Among them, H.B. 118 would require background checks on all private firearms sales. Not even federal law requires such restrictions on privates sales and purchases. Doesn’t sound very Texan, to say the least.

“Though I filed several bills today, all of which are important to House District 77, I would like to highlight some priority bills in the subject areas of healthcare and gun safety,” Ortega said in a press release Nov. 9.

Texas currently doesn’t require background checks when private sellers transfer a gun to another person. Federal law does require federally licensed firearm dealers to run a background check on all transfers.

“Requiring background checks for all firearm sales and transfers is an important step towards preventing firearms from being transferred to those who should not possess them,” Ortega said. “Closing this loophole will make Texans safer from gun violence and save lives.”

But the coronavirus pandemic, policing challenges and social unrest of 2020 taught us private sales remain vitally important to the Second Amendment. A run on guns and ammunition made buying from stores difficult. Further, 9mm and .223 ammo virtually became unobtanium. And anti-gun locales, and restrictive policy, made it all but impossible to get a gun.

It doesn’t seem like the H.B. 118 bill will see the light of day, but it would be a severe blow to 2A supporters in the Lone Star State. It would severely impact the ability to obtain a gun during a critical time of need. The legislative session begins Jan. 12, 2021. We encourage all gun-loving Texans to make their voice heard.

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