Available in four different colors, the Versacarry Concealed Carry Purse line delivers discrete carry options.

As gun sales continue to rise, so too does the influx of first-time gun buyers in America. With increased gun owners comes new concealed carriers as well, with women a growing segment. To help meet that growing demand, Versacarry just launched a full line of Concealed Carry Purse options.

Versacarry Concealed Carry Purse

The Concealed Carry Purses come in four different color styles. Each features a velcro-lined center section dedicated to concealed carry. The provided holster comes wrapped in velcro for retention in the center section. The section opens from the left, right and top for easy pistol access.

Versacarry Purses also contain functional pockets for other storage needs. Available in camo, olive, black and brown, the purses retail for $149.99.

To some, using a belt holster remains a difficult proposition. For those wanting to utilizes a handbag/purse for discrete carry, the new Versacarry line deserves a look. For even more information, please visit versarry.com.

Versacarry Concealed Carry Purse Specs

  • Available styles include three canvas colors: camo, olive, black, and one brown leather option.
  • Center section dedicated for concealed carry, lined with velcro
  • Provided holster is wrapped in velcro to remain secure in pocket
  • Pistol accessible from left, right, and top
  • Attractive and stylish design
  • MSRP: $149.99.

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