The Vickers Guide: SIG Sauer, Volume 1, features pistols and submachine guns.

SIG Sauer just announced a new book series, just in time for the holidays. The Vickers Guide series features SIG Sauer pistols and submachine guns.

Vickers Guide: SIG Sauer (Volume 1)

The volume comprises a collector-quality assortment of books covering a wide variety of firearms. Noted U.S. Army Special Operations veteran Larry Vickers sources all the content. Meanwhile, James Rupley provides the excellent photography. The book also features commentary from subject matter expert Ian McCollum and SIG collector Dr. Leonardo M. Antaris.

Volume 1 highlights more than 95 pistols and 15 submachine guns from around the world. Guns include the Swiss P75 service pistol, X-SERIES pistols the Model 1930, an early SIG submachine gun. The book includes the evolution of the P320 as well.

“The Vickers Guide is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that chronicles SIG’s history beginning with our German and Swiss roots, to the premier American firearms manufacturer we’ve become today,” said Tom Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer and Executive Vice President, Commercial Sales, SIG SAUER, Inc. “The content of volume one takes the reader on a historical journey of SIG SAUER through the development and modernization of our most iconic firearms, and the quality and insight that the Vickers Guide is known for and makes this book a must-have for every SIG, and firearms enthusiast alike.”

A second volume, highlighting rifles, machine guns and other special purpose weapons, releases in 2021. Vickers Guide: Volume 1 retails for $94.99. For even more information, please visit

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