The ZEV Z365 Octane delivers tremendous upgrade to the popular SIG P365.

ZEV Technologies just announced the release of its newest pistol upgrade: The ZEV Z365 Octane. The new Z365 and Z320 comprise an official collaboration between ZEV and SIG Sauer. The ZEV P365 offerings include a PRO Barrel, Combat Sights and the optics-ready Octane slide.

ZEV Z365 Octane Details

The release of the Z365 was kind of a no-brainer. Back in July, we gave you an exclusive first look at the ZEV Z320. That same week, ZEV released new slides and barrels for both the P320 and P365. Any detective could do the math and see an upgraded P365 was next in ZEV’s sights. And now, here we are.

“We’re excited about this collaboration between SIG Sauer and ZEV,” said Tom Taylor, SIG Sauer’s Chief Marketing Officer & Executive Vice President of Commercial Sales. “The design of the Z365 is excellent, making it a high-performance carry gun.”

Based on the SIG P365, the Z365 comes standard with the Octane Slide and RMSC optic cut. It also accommodates Shield RMSc, SIG Romeo Zero, and the Holoson HS407K. A Pro Barrel and ZEV’s fiber-optic Combat Sights add to the upgrades.

The grip module utilizes the company’s diamond patter, laser-cut grip. Meanwhile, aggressive slide serrations help provide better purchase. Slide cuts also help keep weight down as well. Lastly, the new pistol retails for $1,199. ZEV always makes a quality product. Combining ZEV upgrades with a SIG foundation is bound to be a winner. For even more info, please visit

The ZEV Z365 features combat sights and an optics-ready slide.

ZEV Z365 Octane Specs

  • ZEV Z365 Octane Slide, Titanium Gray
    • RMSC Optic Cut compatible with the Shield RMSc, SIG Romeo Zero, and Holoson HS407K
  • ZEV Z365 PRO Barrel, Black DLC
    • Chambered in 9mm
  • Fiber Optic Combat Sight Set (ZEV)
  • ZEV RMSC Cover Plate
  • Sig Sauer P365 Grip with ZEV Diamond Pattern Laser Stipple
  • Sig Sauer P365 Standard Curved Trigger
  • Includes two 10 round Sig Sauer P365 Magazines
  • Overall MSRP: $1,199

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