Congresswoman Lauren Boebert officially swore in as a newly elected member of Congress over the weekend. And she’s already making anti-gun heads spin. The pro-gun representative, and small business owner from Rifle, Colo., just posted a brash video. It defiantly claims Boebert will carry in Washington, D.C.

Congresswoman Lauren Boebert Heads to DC Packing Heat

“Even though I now work in one of the most liberal cities in America, I refuse to give up my rights, especially my Second Amendment rights,” Boebert says in the video.

Predictably, Second Amendment opposition immediately pushed back. Washington, D.C. Police Chief Robert Contee III offered his best Eric Cartman impersonation, letting everyone know “You will respect my authoritah!”

“What I will say to that is, there are no exceptions in the District of Columbia,” Contee actually said, reported The Denver Post. “We plan to reach out to the congresswoman’s office to make sure that she is aware what the laws of the District of Columbia are, what the restrictions are. And that congresswoman … will be subjected to the same penalties as anyone else that’s caught on a District of Columbia street carrying a firearm unlawfully.”

Anti-Gun Absurdity

But like most law-abiding gun owners, Boebert says she’s complying with local law. She’s trained and knowledgeable in gun laws. So we’re guessing she’s complying with all local and Federal laws. And she thinks the pushback to her exercising her rights are absolutely ridiculous.

“I have gone through the concealed carry courses. There is a concealed carry permit for Washington, D.C. I have already gone through those courses. So, the D.C. chief of police is welcome to contact me,” Boebert told The Denver Post.

“I don’t know if he’s contacting each and every person to make sure that they’re following all the traffic laws. If I said I was coming to drive in Washington, D.C., maybe he’d need to call me and let me know exactly what their traffic laws are. To think that I’m ignorant of D.C. carry laws just because I said I will carry is a little absurd.”

Absurd is the word, Congresswoman. You’re wading in the giant swamp of absurdity, and guns are coming under siege. Good luck, and keep up the good fight.

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