N8 Tactical released its first OWB holster, the Pro-Lock.

N8 Tactical just announced the company’s first-ever outside-the-waistband holster design, the Pro-Lock. Designed for all-day carry, the Pro-Lock includes fits for numerous semi-automatic platforms.

N8 Tactical Pro-Lock Details

The firearm-specific polycarbonate pocket mates with designated firearms. The design delivers superior fit and durability, featuring a durable material to last a lifetime, according to N8 Tactical.

A leather backer provides both comfort and security. The backer comprises two layers of cowhide leather, offering strength to keep the firearm secure. The durable leather surface protects the firearm finish from scratches and marring. It also helps promote a clean, smooth surface for the draw. Meanwhile, durable pancake belt loops accept up to 1 3/4-inch belts. Soft, rounded edges provide added comfort.

The Secure Twist Release Retention System ensures the firearm stays secure. It provides proper retention while allowing for a smooth worry-free draw. The system features a small modification to the pocket, securing the firearm. It releases with a minor twist of the wrist.

The Pro-Lock retails for $39.96. For even more info, please visit n8tactical.com.

N8 Tactical Pro-Lock Features

  • Firearm-Specific Polycarbonate Pocket
  • Dual layer durable Leather Surface
  • Nylon Pancake Belt Loops Accepts up to 1 ¾-inch Belts
  • Secure Twist Release Retention System
  • Two Week, Try It Free Guarantee
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • MSRP: $39.96

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