Vincent Moore Florida Father shooting
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In this week’s edition of mess around and find out, a man reportedly shot his daughter’s boyfriend in Florida. The suspect, identified as Vincent Moore, allegedly attacked the man’s daughter, prompting the most obvious outcome possible to many observers. Don’t ever mess with daddy’s little girl.

Vincent Moore Shot by Girlfriend’s Father After Alleged Violent Attack

The incident occurred Jan. 22 in Daytona Beach, when parents reported hearing their daughter scream outside. They then found the 26-year-old Moore allegedly violently attacking their daughter. Police said the parents found their daughter bleeding from the mouth and face.

The parents told police they tried to break up the fight, with no luck. The father reportedly told detectives he fired one warning shot into the ground. The mother then tried to get the boyfriend to leave. But Moore allegedly turned on the mother instead, prompting the father to shoot Moore once.

Officials transported Moore, listed in critical condition, to a local hospital for treatment. Meanwhile the girlfriend suffered several visible injuries to the mouth and face, consistent with battery, according to police. The incident remains under investigation, but police say evidence points to a case of the father shooting to protect his family from serious harm. The investigation remains ongoing, with potential charges against Moore still pending.

We’ve spoken before about warning shots and how they’re a bad idea. Massad Ayoob told us that police and civilians alike should avoid warning shots. “If the situation is that deadly, logic tells us that it’s time to actively neutralize the threat, not to make loud noises in hopes of scaring it away,” Ayoob said.

In this instance, was a warning shot a good idea? No, probably not. However, the father still “saved the day” and fired the incident-ending shot at the suspect when it was needed.

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