Washington State Open Carry, Large Capacity Magazine Ban, California Magazine Ban
(Photo by Pixabay.com)

Analysts expect Washington State legislators to file SB 5078. If passed, the bill would reportedly ban open carry and so-called large capacity magazines in the state of Washington.

Washington Magazine, Open Carry Ban

Washington State gun owners have been under siege for sometime. Anti-gun legislation passed in 2018, making the state one of the worst for gun laws. Now the antis want more blood.

The proposed bill, SB 5078, would outlaw manufacturing, possession, or transferring any magazine with a capacity greater than 10 rounds. It would also eliminate the right to open carry. Further, it gives municipalities the authority to use zoning ordinances to limit firearm retailers.

In short, this is the first shoe of many expected to drop in 2021. With a Biden-Harris White House, expect emboldened anti-gun legislators at all levels to come out guns blazing. Now this Washington Magazine and Open Carry Ban would send shockwaves throughout the 2A community. It potentially opens the door for even more attacks against our 2nd Amendment rights.

The NSSF recommends Washington residents contact their representatives. The legislature convenes Monday, Jan. 11. Covid restrictions will require the session run remotely; that could impact proceedings, even potentially limiting testimony. Act now, or suffer a big hit for Washington gun rights. For more info, find your Washington legislature here.

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