For the initial release, the FDC-9 will be an upgrade kit that requires NFA registration.

Good things come to those who wait. Well, after about 13 years, it looks like Magpul will prove that old adage, emphatically, with the announcement of the ZEV Technologies FDP-9 — its long-awaited folding pistol. That’s right, we’re getting our first true look at Magpul’s concept, Glock-based folding pistol first seen at SHOT Show 2008. So this one’s been a long time coming, and we couldn’t be more hyped to see the progression.

Magpul & ZEV Technogies Team Up for FDP-9 Pistol

As the name indicates, to make the dream a reality, Mapgul partnered with ZEV Technologies. The two companies took Magpul’s idea and combined it with ZEV’s modular OZ9. The OZ9 first released in 2019 — we should know, as we were the first ones to see it.

ZEV’s OZ9 is a Glock-based platform utilizing a unique receiver block. Independent of the pistol’s grip, the receiver block enables the user to change grip frames.

Since the 2019 launch, Magpul immediately started working with ZEV to bring the folding pistol concept to life. The enterprise sought to combine the Magpul chassis with ZEV OZ9 operating system. It’s taken design refinements and a bunch of legal approvals, but here we are. The result: the ZEV Technologies Folding Defensive Pistol-9 (FDP-9) and also the Folding Defensive Carbine-9 (FDC-9).

The FDP-9 pistol deploys immediately for action.

FDP-9 Details

At first glance, the FDP-9 is one cool looking platform. The cased, folding design stores safely off-body. It immediately deploys into action, according to Magpul. Meanwhile, the FDC-9 will be a carbine derivative of the pistol. It incorporates a buttstock into the folding storage cover, enhancing accuracy and stability, according to Magpul. Both firearms run off 17-round, Glock double-stack 9mm magazines.

The plan includes ZEV offering the 9mm FDP-9 as a complete, large-format pistol. The purchaser can also choose to file ATF Form 1 paperwork. After approval, a conversion kit would legally allow assembling the firearm into the FDC-9. It would then be classified as a short-barreled rifle (SBR), subject to all NFA laws.

ZEV could offer the FDC-9 straight from the factory in the future, as an ATF Form 4 purchase and SBR designation. In any event, all firearms will come from ZEV, not Magpul.

The FDP-9 and FDC-9 firearms comprise a cool, interesting take on Glock-based systems. While we’re excited with this development, we all have to remain calm. Magpul says the actual release won’t happen until 2022. Also, no pricing information is available at this time. For even more info, please visit and

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