A 15-year-old boy faces first-degree murder and attempted armed robbery charges after a botched carjacking attempt turned deadly in Chicago in December. The teen and two adults allegedly attempted to carjack retired firefighter and concealed carrier Dwain Williams. The altercation left Williams, who pulled a legally concealed revolver of his own, dead after a quick gunfight in broad daylight.

15-Year-Old Boy Charged in Fatal Shooting of Dwain Williams

The incident began with the minor and two adults allegedly followed Williams in a Jeep Grand Cherokee, reported ABC7 Chicago. Footage shows three masked assailants approach Williams, and two clearly pull pistols. But Williams saw the attack coming and pulled a legally concealed revolver. The two suspects open fire. Then Williams quickly returns fire.

Footage shows a quick, dramatic scramble. Williams initially defends himself well. Unfortunately, he comes out from behind cover. As the suspects flee, one blindly fires a shot over his shoulder. It hits Williams in the abdomen, and he later died from this wound.

Chicago Police quickly located suspects believed involved in the shooting, reported ABC7 Chicago. Police claimed the group committed a number of similar carjackings recently.

“I can’t explain enough, how much the south suburban departments and the FBI were of great assistance to the detectives in this case, working together as a team to provide us information because the south suburban departments were very familiar with this crew and believe they knew some of these offenders,” Chicago Police Chief of Detectives Brendan Dennihan told ABC7 Chicago.

Despite the tragic details surrounding the shooting, there’s a lot to learn from a self-defense perspective. YouTube channel Active Self Protection breaks it all down in the above video. But in the end, a good guy lost this fight.

“I was married to an angel and I feel he was an angel that took on human form,” Karen Williams, Dwain’s widow, told ABC7 Chicago.

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