Fenix Ammunition sends Joe Biden voters away.

In a particularly hilarious move, Fenix Ammunition effectively told Biden voters it doesn’t want their money. That’s right. In this day and age, when many businesses sacrifice nothing to get all they can, Fenix Ammo is making a statement. It told Joe Biden voters, unequivocally, your business is not welcome.

Fenix Ammunition Banishes Joe Biden Voters

The company website began trending after it put up a simple question to enter the portal. “Did you vote for Joe Biden?” The question, simply stated, quickly takes a powerful turn. Those who click “No” gain access into the the Fenix Ammunition website and all its goodies. Those that click “Yes” are banished elsewhere.

Now here’s where it get particularly comical. After clicking “Yes,” the site redirects you to the 2A wasteland that is Joe Biden’s Gun Control Manifesto. We reported on the Joe Biden gun plan back in August. Then on Sunday, the president doubled down, calling on Congress to enact “commonsense gun laws.”

So if you click “Yes,” you wind up on the Joe Biden gun control manifesto page. You voted for it. Now enjoy. The rest of us will be out shooting.

Now some might say the company made a rash, non-helpful move. And that’s a point worth arguing. In fact, noted trainer and 2A advocate Rob Pincus debated the matter with Fenix recently. Pincus makes many points, chief among them that the industry doesn’t seem very inclusive when we collectively pull stunts such as this. And that very well may all be true.

But the anti-gunners declared war on us, not the other way around. And we now face the most anti-gun president in our nation’s history. And he owns a very favorable Congress to do his bidding.

So in the end, it doesn’t feel very wrong to tell Joe Biden voters to hit the road. After all, the anti-2A nightmare we’re facing now, this proverbial barrel of the gun. They’re the ones that put us here.

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