I fell in love with the Taurus TX22 when it first came out. It was simple, nice to shoot, and ran well. Plus, the best part was the low-budget, friendly price. Once I found out Taurus had a competition model of the TX 22 in the works, I immediately reached out. The Taurus TX 22 Competition is a custom-tuned, modified version of the award-winning polymer pistol.

Taurus TX 22 Competition Pistol Details

The new offering is a full-size, semi-auto, rimfire polymer pistol that Taurus upgraded with a simple slide cut. This slide cut is where it all starts. Cutting a good majority of the slide away from the barrel allowed Taurus to create one of the ultimate red dot mounting systems on the market that I have seen. The red dot mounts directly to the barrel using a fixed mount plus two reversible and interchangeable plates. The system works with most red dots on the market.

The Polymer grip is extremely ergonomic and comes standard with a simple thumb safety on the back and small accessory rail up front. Set in the frame is a decent polymer trigger. Not the nicest trigger on the market but decent and functional. The slide utilizes aluminum with a steel threaded barrel exposed throughout the entire front of it. The package just works, and it does that very well.

At the range, the Taurus TX 22 Competition functioned flawlessly during all my tests, plus the fun never stops with three, 16-round magazines and a speed loader included in the box. Taurus may not be well known in the competition world. However, that may all be changing soon thanks to this budget-friendly competition .22 pistol.

Lastly, the TX 22 features a standard lifetime warranty and retails for $484.85. I you’re looking for a budget-friendly competition .22, your search may be over. For even more info, please visit

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