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Unfortunately, we could sit here and say “We told you so.” For years, 2A advocates warned how a violent-themed prank attack could turn deadly. And now a Nashville man is dead following an apparent self-defense shooting during a YouTube prank gone wrong.

YouTube Prank Attack Leads to Fatal Shooting

Police responded to the parking lot of Urban Air in Nashville Feb. 5. That’s where they found 20-year-old Timothy Wilks shot dead, reported Police say 23-year-old David Starnes Jr., admitted to shooting the man.

Witnesses say Wilks and a friend approached a group of people. The pair reportedly carried butcher knives. It was all part of a stunt, filming a prank robbery to publish on YouTube.

It’s nighttime, and you’re out in public. You’re in a parking lot when all of a sudden, a pair of dudes wielding butcher knives come at you. If you’re armed and trained, chances are you might put round into your attacker. It seems that’s exactly how Starnes handled the situation.

Police continue to investigate the shooting. However, as of yet, no charges have been filed against Starnes. And if no new information comes to light, there won’t likely be any charges either. Meanwhile, we’re guessing Starnes feels beyond horrible. He’s likely shattered by an act he can never take back. But Wilks should have never forced him into that decision—especially over something so ignorant as YouTube footage.

We understand folks want and need to have fun in this life. But when weapons could potentially come into play, you’ve got to be smarter. In the past, we’ve warned many times against “Swatting,” where folks report a fake crime, one sparking a SWAT team response on an unsuspecting, innocent victim.

A fake violent attack is just as dangerous. And now we finally have a needless death that proves just that.

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