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A CNN report suggests Republican lawmakers will likely hold the line on gun control. The news outlet published its point-by-point take on why Republicans in Congress likely won’t bend to pressure from Democrats, including the White House and President Joe Biden.

Republicans Will Likely Fight Gun Control

Obviously, the article reads dripping with sadness over these “facts.” It also suggests the push for gun control comes as a reaction to recent mass shootings in Atlanta, Ga., and Boulder, Colo. Of course we know better. The Biden White House continues to orchestrate the most coordinated attack against the Second Amendment in American history. From the House of Representatives to the Senate to Presidential Executive Order, the Democrats have an exhaustive plan in place. And they will continue to wield their legislative blades, attempting to kill gun ownership with 1,000 proverbial cuts.

Nevertheless, it’s interesting to look at why CNN thinks Republicans will hold the line. So here comes the four top reasons the CNN report suggests gun control measures won’t pass.

CNN Reasons Gun Control Won’t Pass

  1. Americans don’t think Democrats reflect their views on guns
  2. Stricter gun control broadly isn’t all that popular
  3. Passion remains on anti-gun control side
  4. Background check ballot measures don’t consistently outperform the Democratic baseline

So read it again, and let it simmer just a bit. This is all from CNN, the left-leaning echo chamber for all things Democrat. The article basically admits Americans don’t actually want more gun control. In fact, most Americans think Democratic leaders don’t even represent their ideals. Further, those same Americans come down on the side of the Second Amendment. And they don’t trust the true purpose of universal background checks.

Our Republican leaders have disappointed us at times over the years, especially on guns. But politicians, on either side of the line, are incredibly adept at reading the tea leaves. If the people don’t truly want gun control, then don’t expect politicians from Republican strongholds to bail on us just yet. There may be light at the end of this tunnel yet.

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