Hunter Biden bought a gun and potentially committed a felony by lying on his 4473.
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We stumbled onto a wild story this morning, one getting very little attention in the mainstream media. Hunter Biden, son of President Joe Biden, bought a gun; and it appears he might have lied on his 4473 to do so. Then a weird series of events allegedly ensued, with the revolver ultimately dumped in a trash can near a high school in Delaware.

Hunter Biden Bought a Gun, Potentially Committing a Felony Purchase

Just as President Biden makes his grand push for prohibitive gun control legislation across the land, his often-maligned son makes headlines again. Now we typically don’t care anything about families of presidents and other leaders, but this one is different. It should also come as no surprise that virtually none of the mainstream media websites are giving this story due attention. So hat tip to Politico, where we first saw this report.

The incident transpired in 2018 following Hunter Biden’s “administrative discharge” from the Navy (note: we think you and I get the BCD on that one). The president’s son failed a drug test for cocaine, leading to his discharge. So in 2018, the Hunter was involved in a relationship with Hallie Biden, the widow of his late brother, reported Politico.

The report alleges that Hallie found a revolver in Hunter’s pickup truck. She then allegedly took the .38 revolver, inexplicably, to a grocery store, throwing the gun in a trash can outside. More troubling, the store sits across the street from the local high school. She later informed Hunter of her actions, kicking off a seemingly frantic recovery operation.

Upon return, Hallie found the gun missing from the trash can, reported Politico. She informed the store. Police arrived over legitimate heightened concern. Eventually, Delaware State Police took security footage and even the FBI responded to the scene.

Placing Blame

During questioning, Hunter reportedly told law enforcement suspicious people worked at the store. The reports say he referred to two “Mexican males,” stating “Yeah, prolly illegal,” reported Politico. Hunter later became upset with a police officer over questions about his father. He “became very agitated with me and asked me if I was intentionally trying to make him mad,” the officer said, according to Politico.

From there, the case takes an even more peculiar turn. Two Secret Service agents reportedly went to StarQuest Shooters & Survival, where Hunter purchased the revolver. According to Politico, the agents attempted to seize the Firearms Transaction Record Hunter filled out to purchase the firearm. The store owner reportedly refused, suspecting the Secret Service agents planned to suppress Hunter’s gun ownership. The store turned over records to the ATF, which responded that same day.

Hunter Biden and a Potentially Felonious Gun Purchase

But here’s the big kicker. Politico obtained copies of the 4473, dated Oct. 12, 2018. He responded “No” on the line asking “Are you an unlawful user of, or addicted to, marijuana or any depressant, stimulant, narcotic drug, or any other controlled substance?”

Wait, he marked “No”? Let it sink in. Hunter Biden marked “No.” Remember, Biden failed a drug test five years earlier, testing positive for cocaine. His troubles with addiction are well documented. We take no pleasure in reporting that fact. Opioid addiction remains a scourge on America. But that well-documented addition makes it impossible not to suspect Hunter Biden lied on his 4473.

Lying on this federal form comprises a felony. So while Joe Biden launches arguably the most targeted attack on the Second Amendment ever, his son potentially committed a felony to unlawfully take possession of a firearm.

The Attack on 2A

Joe Biden shouldn’t decide what guns we can carry. Neither should any other anti-gun politician. Moreover, Hunter’s gun fiasco perfectly illustrates why the left shouldn’t get to decide. This new report makes it seems as if they operate with impunity, above the very laws they force upon lawful gun owners. They would have us restricted, unarmed, defenseless. Meanwhile, they enjoy armed protection, gated estates and fully immunity to break our gun laws.

Mr. President, get your own house in order before you try to take sovereign rights away from ours. You can start by looking at your own son for possibly lying during a NICS background check … you know, the very law you want expanded to every transfer across the country.

Worst case, Hunter Biden lied to purchase a gun. Meanwhile, his partner — in a remarkable display of unsafe gun handling — threw said gun in a public trash can … across from a high school. Hunter then allegedly blamed it all on “prolly illegal” Mexicans. Then the Secret Service reportedly attempted to cover it all up. Maybe Joe Biden shouldn’t worry about the country owning guns. Maybe he should just worry about Bidens.

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