A domestic disturbance turned deadly recently, when a man shot and killed an angry ex-husband who allegedly opened fire with an AR-15. The fatal shooting took place in Daphne, Ala., on March 3, leaving 32-year-old Jeff Vincent dead.

Jeff Vincent Fatally Shot in Domestic Fight

A series of shots rang out that night, alerting those nearby of the trouble. During a 911 call, gun shots could be heard in the background, reported

“Initially, we weren’t sure what it was,” neighbor Coco Osborne told “We thought it might have been the backfire of a vehicle but then heard a consecutive shot. There may have been a third and maybe 30 to 60 seconds and then we heard additional shots.”

Police say a firefight broke out in the apartment complex, reported The two adversaries fired up to 15 shots in what police called a domestic dispute. Upon arrival, officers found Vincent, the ex-husband, dead inside.

“While our officers were on the way to the apartment, shots were being fired and the male entered the apartment and was shot by another male and killed,” said Sgt. Jason Vannoy, Daphne Police.

Police say Vincent allegedly showed up at his ex-wife’s apartment, banging his rifle against the apartment door, reported He allegedly began firing rifle rounds through the door. “It looks like he broke the door in with the butt of the rifle,” Vannoy said.

Inside, a firefight ensued between Vincent and the woman’s current boyfriend, reported Ultimately, the boyfriend shot and killed the Vincent, stopping a fatal situation that could have turned out even worse.

“Definitely could’ve been a lot worse, Vannoy said. “There was one projectile that went into another occupied apartment, but it did not strike anyone.”

The woman’s 8-year-old daughter remained in the apartment during the fatal shooting, showing just how dangerous the situation proved to be. Officials reported no further injuries. Also, no charges or arrests have been made, with none expected, reported

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