Remington Ammunition launched its new website under Vista Outdoors leadership.

The oldest name in American gunmaking, in this case ammo making, finally made its long-awaited official return. Vista Outdoors announced the launch of the new Remington Ammunition website recently. The launch marks a new era for the vaunted Big Green brand of ammunition.

Remington Ammunition Website Up & Running

“Our redesigned site with new content, detailed product information, and easy shop-ability will allow Big Green fans to see Remington ammo in a new light,” said Joel Hodgdon, Remington Ammunition’s Marketing Director. “We want everyone who pulls a trigger to learn about our products and find out everything they need to know about Remington ammo.”

Visitors to will quickly find access to detailed information and load selection advice. Additionally, the company will offer Remington accessories and merchandise, shipping straight to customer doors. The website will offer ammunition for big game, waterfowl and turkey hunting, along with personal defense, target shooting and more.

“The new website is only the beginning of what Big Green ammo wants to offer hunters and shooters,” said Hodgdon. “The new site is the tip of the iceberg…it shows our renewed commitment to quality, education and innovation in all things ammo.”

Remington fans can sight up for the new Remington e-newsletter. It will include product availability, new product info and everything else related to Remington ammo. The company will also run Remington social media pages as well.

Vista Outdoors became one of the big winner’s in last year’s Remington bankruptcy breakup. Federal’s parent company took control of the Lonoke manufacturing facility and all Remington Ammunition business. Of note, Remington firearms became a separate business, found at

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