The Timney Alpha Competition trigger now fits Glock Gen 5 pistols.

Timney made some big news back in January with the release of the Timney Alpha Competition Glock Trigger. Bringing a 3-pound pull, the Competition Glock Trigger fit Gen 3 and 4 variants. Now Timney offers the Competition Glock Trigger for Gen 5 pistols.

Timney Alpha Competition Trigger

Timney owns an enviable reputation for giving its customers what they ask for. And for year, customers asked the company to get into the pistol trigger business. Now Timney answers the call again, producing a competition-grade trigger for Glock Gen 5 pistols. Better still, it install easily without the need to pay a gunsmith. The DIY trigger upgrade retails for $164.99.

Pistols remain the most difficult firearm platform to master. And upgrading your trigger pull can go along way to getting you on target faster and more accurately. If the Timney Alpha series performs up to expectations, it will prove beneficial to all shooters, not just competitors.

If you want to get serious about shooting your Glock Gen 5, check out the latest from Timney Triggers. For even more info, please visit

Timney Alpha Competition Glock Trigger Specs

  • Three-pound pull weight
  • Crisp trigger break
  • Teflon nickel (NP3) – trigger bar and sear
  • Straight aluminum trigger with safety blade (anodized)
  • Uses all stock Glock parts and springs
  • Compatible with stock Glock Pistols.

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