The ArachniGRIP Slide Spider G44 brings better grip surface to the Glock 44.

ArachniGRIP just announced the release of its newest Slide Spider fit for carry enthusiasts. The ArachniGRIP Slide Spider G44 brings enhanced gripping surface to the popular Glock 44 pistol.

ArachniGRIP Slide Spider G44

Glock surprised a lot of shooters with the release of the .22-caliber G44 in 2019. But shooters quickly took to the company’s first blowback action, semi-auto rimfire. Closely resembling the popular G19, it immediately became a popular trainer. And since some carriers use Slide Spider on their carry gun, it makes perfect sense to apply it to your trainer gun as well.

The Slide Spider brings the popular, affordable slide grip to the G44. Designed to increase safety and control, it adds extra grip to the slide serrations. It thereby makes operating the polymer and steel hybrid slide even easier.

The Slide Spider now comes for most semi-auto platforms on the market. It installs easily and proves extremely durable, according to ArachniGRIP. The Slide Spider also offers additional tactical advantage under challenging operating conditions, including extreme moisture and temperature. Additionally, the grip aids with weak or weakened-hand strength, along with those suffering medical conditions such as arthritis.

The ArachniGRIP Slide Spider G44 retails for $19.95. For even more info, please visit

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