This story perfectly illustrates that heroes don’t always wear capes. We stumbled across an amazing cartoon video, a perfectly nailed spoof on the ATF, sarcastically showing just how “how simple gun laws are.” Of course, they aren’t simple, and the ATF video perfectly calls them out on it.

Cartoon ATF Video Highlights Ruling Ridiculousness

The video features ATF Agent Richard Beazit, as he speaks at the NRA. Aafter a brief thanks, he jumps right in, explaining the purpose of the speech: “Why are gun owners such cry babies? The law isn’t hard, you’re just not believing hard enough. Get harder, with me, Agent Richard Beazit.”

The video then perfectly illustrates the asinine and arcane intricacies of ATF designations and rulings. Pistols become an AOW with some accessories, yet remain pistols with others. Our agent can’t discern a rifle from an SBR from an AOW.

You know what, it’s funny because it’s true. “Alright, this is an SBR, this is illegal,” Beazit says. “You’ll go straight to jail for this one. Pay your $200 tax stamp or go straight to jail.” In the end, our agent can’t tell one ruling from another, perfectly illustrating how ridiculous the landscape we gun owners must navigate.

The high point of our film: shoe laces. After first showing shoe laces to be benign and safe, they magically turn into machine guns on the next slide. “Yeah, you know, I’ve been working for the ATF for a while and that’s a real thing. You can really have shoe laces be machine guns. And that’s why we determined that shoe laces can in fact be machine guns. That’s just something that we do down here. That’s how we get things done.”

Of course, if you don’t understand all of this, then our ATF guy knows you’re the problem. “If you do have any questions after that very informative demonstration and power point I just gave, you’re probably just a criminal and well, you should probably just go to jail.”

So hat tip to the poster, Firearms Unknown. See their YouTube page for more videos.

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