People carry firearms for all kinds of reasons. And when we make that choice to carry, it kicks off a serious of responsibilities and requirements we all must navigate in order to carry safely and successfully. Apart from the guns and gear and the proficiency of use, carrying concealed successfully begins between the ears. Team SIG Sauer’s Max Michel recently broke down elements of a good concealed carry mindset.

Concealed Carry Mindset

“I’m carrying to protect myself and my loved ones, at all times,” Michel said. “And I am all in. I’m 100-percent all in. we can’t pick and choose that mindset. We need to be all in at all times. So make sure you have your understanding of why you’re carrying. Understand your environment. Understand what type of clothing you might find yourself in throughout those weeks and months that are leading up. And we just have that gear selection and that clothing selection early. Again, we’re 100-percent all in.”

Michel explained maintaining the correct mindset influences decision making throughout the year. A shopping trip brings up questions over whether a gun might print through a new shirt, for example. He recommends considering going a size larger with a shirt or pant to better conceal. A plaid shirt might help break up an outline. For Michel, going all in means remaining thoughtful in how any choice might impact carry.

“Again, we’re thinking about that mindset of we want to be 100-percent all in, once we figure out our why, and make sure we’re setting ourselves up for success.”

Blending In

Michel spends a fair amount of time on blending in to his environment. His own take on the gray man theory, Michel advises only he and his family knows he’s carrying. His clothing choices, movements, actions, even where he sits in a restaurant, they all complement his carry style. He maintains the ability to get to his gun safely and discretely. And the general public remains none the wiser.

“I don’t want people to know that I’m carrying concealed. This is for me and my family to know. I just want to blend in like everyone else. And I want you guys to do the same as well. This is a mental mindset, really blending into the general population, making sure our cover, our garment, whatever it is that we’re wearing for the day, we’re just blending in like everyone else.”

Pistol Choice

Picking the gun you carry constitutes a mindset as well. One should know their own skillset, concealment requirements and activities. The blend of information dictates needs, and those needs should influence platform. Not everyone shoots a micro-compact pistol well. Meanwhile, a full-size gun may not work in shorts and a t-shirt.

Why, how and what we carry remain heavy choices. These decisions create lasting impacts, so concealed carriers should give them consideration. A proper concealed carry mindset creates a winning mindset. That’s the kind of mindset that helps us all get home safe.

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