EAA just launched versions of its popular Churchill line of semi-auto and pump-action shotguns. But this time it’s all about home defense. The EAA Churchill Optics Tactical line brings upgraded components and features in two new 20-gauge home defense guns. The new shotguns come in two versions: the 220 Optics Tactical semi-auto and 620 Optics Tactical pump-action.

EAA Churchill Optics Tactical Shotguns

First on the list is the 220 Optics Tactical shotgun, which features a checkered pistol grip stock. It comes with a semi-enhanced loading port for fast loading. Meanwhile, accessible controls inspire confidence in stressful situations. EAA/Akkar machined the optics rail into the top of the receiver; it enables mounting optics low, close to the bore.

The shotgun features a shortened, 18.5-inch barrel. It proves a highly maneuverable length for operating in close quarters. A breaching choke tube comes with a glass breaker, which adds some nice versatility.

Next is the Churchill 620 Optics Tactical shotgun, which comprises a home defense version of EAA’s popular Churchill 20-gauge pump gun. It brings enhancements for work as a low-recoil home defense gun. It comes with a pistol grip stock for better control. The shotgun includes a breaching choke tube, enhanced loading port and accessible controls. An optics rail rounds out a versatile platform in a pump-gun design.

The EAA Churchill Optics Tactical shotguns bring home defense features at a reasonable price.

Both guns feature a 5+1 capacity. The 620 has an MSRP of just $427, while the 220 comes in at $561. Both options look solid for home defense. And with their reasonable MSRPs, they might be worth checking out. For even more info, please visit

Overall Length37.5 inches37.5 inches
Barrel Length18.5 inches18.5 inches
Length of Pull14.25 inches14.25 inches
Overall Weight5 pounds5 pounds

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