A Michigan state representative faces multiple charges after allegedly crashing his vehicle while intoxicated earlier this month. Congressman Jewell Jones, found pants down and with a loaded pistol in his console, allegedly threatened officers based on his political position. Ironically, the Michigan Democrat owns a history of anti-gun voting.

Michigan Rep. Jewell Jones Arrested

Police say they found Jones on April 6 with his pants down, along with a female passenger, reported FOX 2 Detroit. Paramedics placed the woman in an ambulance after she vomited and failed to stand on her own. While EMS attended to the woman, Jones allegedly told personnel they two were people of importance. He then apparently attempted to drive home.

EMS personnel stated Jones exhibited slurred speech and erratic behavior. He also smelled of alcohol, reported FOX 2 Detroit. He later tested .17 blood alcohol level, twice the legal state limit.

Footage shows Jones resisting arrest once police arrived on the scene. He reportedly failed to produce identification multiple times. He then forced police to physically take him down after resisting arrest. Officers also deployed a Taser and pepper spray during the scuffle, reported FOX 2 Detroit.

Footage shows the third-term representative threaten officers. “It’s not going to be good for you, I run y’all budget bro,” he says. He can also be heard threatening to call Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer on the officers.

The Fallout

Allegedly drunk, belligerent and resisting arrest — all while armed with a loaded pistol just resting in a cup holder —police handled the situation well. It paints just the scenario the anti-gun politician claimed threatened Black men. In 2017, Jones expressed contrary opinions, as reported by Speaking out against a pending change by Michigan to Constitutional Carry, Jones erroneously linked carrying to increased gun deaths.

“As a young black man who has to read articles in the newspaper and have to see clips on social media and hear interviews on the radio about senseless gun deaths that happen in neighborhoods like mine and yours, near and far across our state, my question is: Why does one right take priority over another?”

According to Click on Detroit, Jones now faces charges including resisting and obstructing officers — a felony — driving with a high blood-alcohol content, reckless driving, and possessing a weapon while under the influence.

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