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The NRA’s multi-front fight continues in the public eye. While New York Attorney General Letitia James seeks to dissolve the NRA out of existence, the Association filed for bankruptcy protection as it attempts to re-organize in Texas. Meanwhile, the litigation brings all the skeletons out of the closet, and unfortunately, the NRA closet seems loaded with them. The latest: an NRA staffer — identified as Millie Hallow — reportedly used $40,000 in NRA money to pay for her son’s wedding and other personal expenses.

Millie Hallow Allegedly Spent $40K in NRA Money on Wedding

The Washington Free Bacon broke the story Tuesday, describing Hallow as longtime assistant to Wayne LaPierre. The information came out during testimony at the bankruptcy trial. NRA general counsel John Frazer reportedly stated Hallow paid back all the money.

“A demand for repayment was made,” Frazer said, reported The Washington Free Bacon. “And it was repaid with interest.”

Remarkably, Hallow remains employed by the NRA. “I don’t know what discussion may have occurred between her and her management,” Frazer said, reported The Washington Free Bacon.

Further, this apparently isn’t Hallow’s first foray into alleged embezzlement. Hallow pleaded guilty in 1984 for stealing $23,691 from the D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities, while serving as executive director, reported The Washington Free Bacon. She allegedly wrote checks to people that don’t exist, then she kept the cash for herself. Now more than 35 years later, it appears she’s up to her old tricks again.

Meanwhile, the NRA continues its claims that the bankruptcy and relocation serves as means to escape political persecution in New York. Most gun owners can understand that rationale, but man, we could do with less skeletons emerging in open court.

“No one was spared review in the entire organization, including Mr. LaPierre,” NRA lawyer Greg Garman said in his opening statement on Monday, reported The Washington Free Bacon. “We set out to put our own house in order, which we did.” 

“Are there going to be facts that are moderately cringe-worthy? The answer to that is yes,” Garman said, reported The Washington Free Bacon. “We’re not going to run for them.” 

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