NovX Pentagon self-defense ammo brings terminal performance in an EDC load.

NovX just announced the release of its newest self-defense load, dubbed the Pentagon. New NovX Pentagon brings maximum terminal performance for defensive, concealed carry applications.

NovX Pentagon Ammo

Pentagon ammunition establishes new benchmarks in terminal performance for handgun ammunition, according to NovX. The bullet utilizes a monolithic copper hollow point design, specifically engineered for controlled expansion on impact. It maximizes penetration while delivering optimal hydrostatic shock, according to NovX.

Environmentally safe, the lead-free projectiles deliver petal expansion up to twice the bullet diameter. The Pentagon’s high velocities and greater impact energy than conventional composite bullets come from the monolithic copper bullet’s lighter weight. Meanwhile, the NovX patented two-piece stainless steel cartridge design also contributes to performance. The resulting defense cartridge comes lighter, easier to shoot, and provides fast sight picture acquisition during follow-up shots. The cartridge exhibits reduced muzzle flip and greater terminal performance, a lethal combination.

The new Pentagon line marks the company’s first in a series of new introductions. Each sets new benchmarks for EDC/CCW handgun ammunition, according to NovX. The lines deliver terminal results and operational performance, with popular defensive rifle cartridges soon to follow For even more info, please visit

Pentagon Ammo Offerings

  • 9mm Luger, 115-gr., standard pressure or +P

Coming soon:

  • .380 Auto, 80-gr., standard pressure or +P
  • .40 S&W, 140-gr., standard pressure or +P
  • .45 Auto, 185-gr., standard pressure or +P

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