The Bond Arms Grizzly is lightweight, compact and affordable.

There’s a headline sure to fire some people up. But first we all need to consider the premise. A gun remains useful only when you carry it. For many, warm, muggy temperatures spark choices on carry guns. Hot weather even discourages some from carrying at all. So today we look at the unique Bond Arms Grizzly through the specific prism of summer carry.

Bond Arms Grizzly for Summer Carry

The Grizzly resides in the Bond Arms Rough Series of pistols. It includes premium features found on all Bond Arms guns, including stainless steel barrels and frames. It sports a cross-bolt safety and retracting firing pin. A spring-loaded cam-lock lever and rebounding hammer mark the series. Notable, the Rough Series keeps costs low, passing savings you, point number one for the Grizzly for EDC.

Point number two centers on stopping power. With a limited capacity, the round needs to get the job done. In that regard, the Grizzly chambers .45 Long Col and .410 shotshells. The potent payloads fire from 3-inch barrels, making the Grizzly extremely compact. A blade front sight and fixed rear presents a traditional, fast sight picture.

Point three: the Grizzly comes virtually bombproof in its design. Bond Arms bead-blasts each stainless steel component. The company leaves the tooling marks and the like to save cost. It adds character, along with keeping cash in your wallet.

A high-capacity, optics-ready semi-auto this gun is not. But before you scoff, consider what the Grizzly is. Rugged, powerful, compact and affordable, it might just be the gun you turn to when the weather makes other carry rigs seem exhausting. And that might just make all the difference. For more info, please visit

Bond Arms Grizzly Features

  • Stainless steel double-barrel and frame
  • Compatible with all standard Bond Arms barrels
  • Patented rebounding hammer
  • Retracting firing pins
  • Cross-bolt safety
  • Spring-loaded, cammed locking lever
  • Leather holster included
  • Barrel: 3-inches
  • Overall Length: 5-inches
  • Weight: 20 Ounces
  • Barrel and Frame material: Stainless Steel
  • Cartridge: .45LC / .410 bore
  • Finish: Bead-blasted
  • MSRP: $377

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