Anti-gun ATF nominee David Chipman.

The U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee convenes today, beginning the proceedings to potentially confer ATF nominee David Chipman as director. Chipman’s appointment would deal a massive blow to gun rights. We encourage all 2A advocates to immediately contact their representatives. This is a battle in the ongoing 2A fight we must win.

Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing on ATF Nominee David Chipman

Simply stated, Chipman becomes the worst potential director to fill the vacant seat. A Chipman regime immediately and disastrously politicizes the ATF. Chipman served as a lobbyist for Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety. He later served Giffords. Chipman as director becomes an anti-gun fox in the chicken coop.

Further, Chipman would most-assuredly destroy years of cooperation between the ATF and the firearm industry. From the NSSF, to company executives to ATF agents, many successful initiatives have been launched. But projects like REAL Solutions and Project Childsafe only happened by working together. Chipman’s record shows a man bent on taking our industry down.

Even more troubling, he comes to the position with his own personal, biased agenda. Unqualified to lead the agency, Chipman serves as a tool of an anti-gun Biden administration. Chipman wants to ban AR-15s and wildly expand background checks.

The Wrong Choice

“Mr. Chipman has a First Amendment right as a private citizen to work for these political organizations and to lobby for the taxation, registration, and even confiscation of firearms. Americans likewise have the Second Amendment to protect their God-given rights to keep and bear arms,” wrote Montana Attorney General Austin Knudsen 19 other attorneys general in a letter to the U.S. Senate. “Accordingly, we ask you to oppose Mr. Chipman’s confirmation to this important position and demand President Biden nominate someone who is not hostile to our rights and way of life.”

Analysts predict the hearing will force Chipman to answer many questions regarding gun control. The committee will likely want explanations on his staunch gun control agenda. It should ask about banning AR-15-style rifles. It will also likely explore Chipman’s ideas on universal background checks and even a national gun registry. We will likely even hear him attempt to explain his denigration of law-abiding gun owners.

Make no mistake, Chipman’s appointment constitutes another strategy in the Biden war on guns. We must oppose his confirmation to the fullest. Contact both of your U.S. Senators and object to David Chipman. Watch the hearing HERE.

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