Sales from Bond Arms Double Barrel Brew will benefit the community.

Bond Arms just announced a cool new way to help others. Proceeds from the company’s new Double Barrel Brew, a medium roast blend crafted by Texas Grounds Coffee Company, will benefit community causes. Bond Arms will donate all profits made from the sale of Double Barrel Brew.

Bond Arms Double Barrel Brew Coffee

Texas Grounds Coffee Company blends using the finest beans from Peru, Brazil and Guatemala. It roasts them, ultimately naming Double Barrel Brew for the company famous for its pistols. It’s “one of the smoothest coffees I’ve ever enjoyed,” said Gordon Bond, President of Bond Arms. “No bitterness. No after taste. Double Barrel Brew is just smooth, satisfying and fully leaded (caffeinated). You’ll love it!”

Bond Arms continues to increase community support since the breakout of Covid-19. Bond Arms supports causes at the local, state and national levels, including food banks, ministries and disaster relief groups. Now thanks to Texas Grounds Coffee Company, Bond Arms continues that support into long-term projects. That’s why 100-percent of the proceeds of this blend go straight back into the community.

“We couldn’t have done this without your help,” Bond said. “Thank you!”

Double Barrel Brew comes as whole beans or ground. A bag of Double Barrel Brew ground coffee retails for $16. To order, visit Texas Ground Coffee Company.

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