Two new 3-9x44 variants expand the Bushnell rimfire riflescope series.

Bushnell just announced two new additions to its rimfire riflescope line. Specifically designed for .22 LR rifles, the scopes serve varmint and small game hunting, along with plinking and recreational shooting. The general purpose 3-9x40mm scopes come with two reticle choices.

Bushnell Rimfire Riflescope Series Expands

The Bushnell rimfire 3-9x40mm scopes now offer DZ22 reticles. One model features an illuminated reticle option. The DZ22 reticle, specifically designed for .22 LR ballistics, feature drop points out to 125 yards. On the illuminated variant, the riflescope remains stands with an “off” position between each intensity setting. The system keeps shooters from needing to return to zero, maintaining preferred intensity. The illuminated reticle also provides shooters with improved visibility in low light.

Rimfire shooters will appreciate both models utilizing glass enhancements for improved performance. Standard features include multi-coated surfaces, one-piece tube design and a large 40mm objective lens. Both riflescopes works with the Bushnell Ballistic App as well. The enhancements allow for faster target acquisition and better accuracy, according to Bushnell.

Capped turrets protect shooters’ windage and elevation settings in the field. Meanwhile, lightweight, waterproof-sealed, aircraft-grade aluminum construction helps protect internals. The 3-9×40 also comes IPX7 rated.

The standard DZ22 reticle variant retails for $149.95, while the illuminated DZ22 model costs $179.95. For even more info, please visit

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