Dianna Muller testified before the U.S. House Judiciary Committee May 20. The titled “Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, and Homeland Security, An Unending Crisis: Essential Steps to Reducing Gun Violence and Mass Shootings” continues the Biden administration circus to convince the public we need gun control reform. But Muller brought a counter opinion to the gun violence hearing, as she always does.

Dianna Muller Testifies at Gun Violence Hearing

“We have to protect our children like we protect the people in this building.” You guys use guns, you put a wall up. Hypocrisy doesn’t go unnoticed. You put military poeple with guns eveyrwher. If that’s what it takes to protect our schools, that’s what I expect Congress to do.”

Muller’s testimony focused on effective solutions to the criminal use of firearms. She voiced expert objection to restrictive gun control laws, including universal background checks and red flag laws. Muller comprised the single pro-Second Amendment witness during the hearing. But she held the line.

“We always hear about common-sense gun control,” Muller said. “Common sense is that cities plagued with violence should adopt the laws of cities that are not plagued with violence. Common sense is not making more rules, more laws, registrations, and fees, that make protecting yourself a rich man’s game.”

She continued by pointing out that, “As a retired police officer I saw first-hand the impact of violence on communities. Gun control laws disproportionally affect lower-income, minority communities. Gun control is steeped in racism.”

Muller countered to gun control by advocating for grass-root, community-based organizations. Groups focusing on education and safety include Hunter Education, KidSafe Foundation and Hold My Guns.

“The question before us is how do we reduce violence in our country? Instead of exploiting tragedy and pushing pain to push a gun control agenda, let’s work together in a non-partisan way to expand programs and deliver measurable results,” Muller said. “We will meet, talk, train, whatever we have to do, to achieve safety in our communities through education, not legislation.”

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