The Ed Brown F4 updates the company's Fueled Series of pistols.

Ed Brown just announced the newest release to its Fueled series of pistol upgrades. The Ed Brown F4 delivers custom components and gunsmithing to the Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0 9mm pistol.

Ed Brown F4 Pistol Details

Of course Ed Brown made its name applying this same upgrade system to the vaunted 1911. The company became known for high-quality parts and full pistol builds. They re-engineered every par to figure out the best ways to meet performance demands. Now Ed Brown applies that very same philosophy to other platforms, including the popular S&W M&P 2.0.

The new MP-F4 shared most of the custom features and characteristics of the Fueled line’s three predecessors. The one shining exception: the gold barrel. Coated in Titanium Nitride, the barrel upgrade delivers an immediate eye-catching appeal. The barrel contrasts with the Black Nitride custom slide, black custom trigger and black frame.

Ed Brown’s custom accuracy rail provides the heart of the pistol build. It perfectly mates the slide to the barrel for improved fit, lockup and accuracy. A fully machine slide includes custom cuts, delivering a striking appearance. It retains material in all essential areas for hard use and to maintain functionality, according to Ed Brown.

Fully Loaded F4

A 416 stainless, button-rifled match barrel comes with Ed Brown tread flutes. It includes 1/2×228 threads and a custom thread protector, making it suppressor-ready. The re-designed and re-engineered custom extrator mates to the custom slide. The system ensures reliability, according to Ed Brown. Finally, custom sights, a 360-degree magwell and machined base pads, machined frame pins and aluminum backplate with custom serrations round out this loaded package.

Each Fueled Series pistol gets hand-fitted by custom gunsmiths. The company also offers a complete line of machined parts and components for S&W M&P 2.0 pistols.

“After over 50 years of being the custom 1911 source, Ed Brown is now the custom M&P source as well,” said John May, Sales & Marketing Director, Ed Brown. “Just one more reason, that if you haven’t looked at Ed Brown in while, it is time to look again!”

The Ed Brown MP-F4 retails for $2,195-$2,745. For even more info, please visit

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