We don’t have any details regarding this viral video bouncing around the Internet, but taken at face value, it potentially represents the absolute clear benefit of keeping your cool. When a group of appear ready to attack and rob a man, he simply takes the pump and douses the robbers with gas.

Man Uses Gas Pump on Robbers

The wild incident begins with a man pumping gas by himself at night. It’s a common situation, one we all find ourselves in frequently. But then a van pulls up, and three passengers jump out. They immediately begin aggressively encircling the man. The suspects outnumber the man on the ground three to one, not counting the getaway driver.

Surely most folks would roll over here. While it’s certainly OK to give up your wallet and cash, you can never truly know if an attacker means you further harm. Keeping that in mind, this guy decides to fight back. Showing remarkable poise in the moment, he improvises and uses the gas pump as a weapon. He begins squirting gas on his attackers.

One-by-one, suspects attempt to corner the man around opposite side of the vehicle. But head on a swivel, the man just keep dousing each attacker with fuel. The attackers quickly get the message, abandoning their pursuit of the man.

The hunters quickly become the prey. As they flee the scene, the victim continues spraying gasoline into their van. We imagine he sent a clear message along with it as well: “Keep messing with me, and you’re gonna burn.”

The video ends with the suspects tucking tales and running away. It appears, by all accounts, the victim successfully defended himself with nothing but a gas pump. It just goes to show you how valuable keeping your senses proves to be. Also, be able to improvise — he thought quickly and utilized the tools at his disposal. He kept his head in the fight, and so far as we can tell, lived to fight another day.

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