The Otis AR Elite Range Box includes everything you need for a day on the range.

You can’t just show up to the range and have a productive, successful day without some prior planning. Well, until now. The Otis AR Elite Range Box takes all the thinking and planning out of your range day. Just grab this pre-packed gear box, some ammo, and send it.

Otis AR Elite Range Box

The AR Elite Range Box features a gun cleaning kit–it’s Otis Technology after all. But it packs so much more. The kit includes a comprehensive gun cleaning kit with Breech-to-Muzzle cleaning products specific to the AR-15. It include tools, such as picks, to scrape off carbon and fouling. The kit tackles all cleaning jobs, including bore, bolt carrier group, chamber, star chamber/locking lugs and more.

The box comes with more than 40 components, including an AR traditional cleaning kit, portable Otis round case, Ripcord, B.O.N.E. Tool, Star Chamber Tool and sight adjustment tool. An included bench block enables safe breakdown without marring. All contents come in the portable range box that doubles as a gun vice. It gives shooters the stability and safety to work on their AR anywhere from range to field.

“This is our most comprehensive AR-15 cleaning kit to date,” remarked Otis Technology’s Director of Commercial Sales, Tom Knudtson. He continued, “We are continuously working to build more detailed kits to meet our customers’ needs. Ensuring gun owners have the tools and gear they need to properly care for and maintain their firearms is vitally important to us here at Otis. AR owners now have all they need for maintenance and care plus light gunsmithing work all in one convenient range box.”

The AR Elite Range Box retails for $299.99. For even more info, please visit

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