The Umarex Gauntlet increases looks and performance.

Umarex just announced the release of its newest pre-charged pneumatic rifle, the Gauntlet 2. The upgraded rifle delivers significant upgrade over earlier variants, now available in both .22 and .25 caliber. The rifle sports a fresh new look to go with increased air gun performance potential.

Umarex Gauntlet 2 Details

The upgrades on the new Gauntlet 2 begin with the ergonomics. The new stock brings esthetic and functional design changes. The new high-strength polymer design features molded Flat Dark Earth with an adjustable cheek rest accented in black. The slimmed down stock lightens the weight while providing solid interaction for the shooter.

The stock accommodates M-LOK accessories via attachment points on three sides. Additionally, the Gauntlet 2 comes with an easy-to-grip knurled cylindrical bolt handle that treats the shooter to more positive interface, according to Umarex.

The Gauntlet 2’s new onboard air tank increases to 24 cubic inches from the first generations’s 13 cubin-inch tank. It also increases regulated pressure. The .22-caliber rifle brings shot pressures of 1,900 PSI, while the .25-caliber Gauntlet 2 delivers 2,100 PSI. Velocities run 1,050 and 980 fps, respectively. Meanwhile, lightweight lead pellets brings energy levels around 33 FPE and 51 FPE.

The large 24-cubic-inch tank also increases the shot count by 17-percent in .22 caliber, 85-percent in .25 caliber. But additional baffling in the barrel assembly reduces noise level by 8dB in both caliber. So even with and increased number of more powerful shots, the rifle runs quieter. Better still, top it with a scope via the Picatinny rail to achieve better accuracy.

The Umarex Gauntlet 2 refines its own PCP pellet rifle, retailing for $449.99. For even more info, please visit

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