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A suspect allegedly used a baton and pepper spray to violently attack innocent bystanders in Silver Lake, Wash., recently. He reportedly assaulted numerous victims, initiating the confrontations. Then a Washington armed citizen stepped in, fatally shooting the attacker.

Washington Armed Citizen Takes Down Attacker

The case appears to represent a clear example of an armed citizen stepping in to protect others. A suspect allegedly threatened, chased and hit the innocent. Other men reportedly attempted to stop the threat, but it took an armed citizen to ultimately end the attacks.

“A guy was yelling at these two ladies,” said Howard Rohdy, who was fishing nearby with a friend, reported Komo News. “We don’t know why so we go running down.”

There Rohdy said he saw a man with a dog harassing two women and a small child, reported Komo News. Rohdy and his friend attempted to get between them, when the suspect pulled out pepper and spray and a baton.

“There was like a little scuffle, went on about, and then he pepper sprayed me,” Rohdy said, reported Komo News. “He had a baton out, it was a metal baton and he whomped me in the head with it.” 

Another man eventually joined into the fight. The unidentified suspect allegedly attempted to use pepper spray on that man as well, reported Komo News. But this time, the man fought back and pulled a gun. That’s when the Washington armed citizen intervened, dropping the attacker for good.

“So he used his Second Amendment right and shot him, ended the situation and protected us all,” Rohdy said, reported Komo News.

Authorities took the suspect to a local hospital for treatment, where officials pronounced him dead, reported Komo News. Meanwhile, the armed citizen reportedly stayed on the scene and cooperated, speaking with police detectives. Police have yet to announce whether the shooter would face any type of punishment.

“The guy who shot, he remained at the scene. He is working with detectives,” Snell said.

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