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A new report from ABC alleges younger people don’t want gun control. The report claims Americans under the age of 30 demonstrated a 20-percent drop in gun control support since 2018.

Young Americans No Longer Supporting Biden Gun Control

Momentum seems to be dropping for gun control support across the board. The data compares polling done in 2018 to recent statistics, and the results prove what gun owners already know: the more the left keeps spouting its gun control nonsense, the more people wise up.

The poll, published April 28, claims 50-percent prioritize enacting new “gun violence laws.” Meanwhile, 43-percent prefer focusing on protecting our Second Amendment rights. The margin of seven points narrowed from a wider gap of 23 points in 2018. Of course, that data spiked, taken right after the Parkland shooting.

The new data comes after President Biden continues a torrid pace pushing for gun control. Could it be Biden’s continued lies and exaggerations are poisoning the well? The president called on Congress to enact stronger gun control laws. He called for everything from extended background checks to banning ghost guns. He still wants to ban assault weapons, and he won’t stop yelling about 100-round magazines either.

Meanwhile, approximately six in 10 Republicans believe the president oversteps his bounds, reported ABC. The decline in support measured sharpest among a key demographic. Young adults, ages 18 to 29, turned most against gun control. Hispanics also reportedly equally dropped 20-percent in support of gun control laws. Typical groups such as rural Americans and “strong” Republicans round out the list of largest drop.

There will no doubt be many out there in support of gun control in complete shock at these numbers. Well look no further than your president. Biden’s continued lies and misrepresentations continue to push more and more people away from the conversation. People don’t want to debate with liars. And gun control continues to center its argument on lies. Therefore, more people continue to wake up to those facts.

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