The 1791 Gunleather RVHX brings Level 2 retention in a revolver holster.

Revolver fans just got a new piece of gear. The new 1791 Gunleather RVHX holster line adds a thumb-break, Level 2 holster for revolver use. The leather design provides security for movement, applicable for use on duty, concealed carry or range work.

1791 Gunleather RVHX Revolver Holsters

The RVHX delivers a different take on the company’s Revolver Belt Holster (RVH) line. Now with Level 2 retention, it adds tremendous versatility for revolver carriers. The RVHX features sizes ranging from small- to large-frame revolvers. It includes fits for multiple barrel lengths as well. The holster utilizes certified, premium steerhide, handcrafted by 1791 Gunleather.

Recent trends in concealed carry push many customers away from the classic wheelgun. From micro-compact semi-autos to the white-hot category of carry optics, 9mm auto pistols rule the day. But don’t sleep on the timeless revolver. From duty gun to backup to everyday carry, a good, quality revolver still brings much to the table. And when it comes to dependability, the revolver platform remains incredibly hard to beat. For those still slapping for a Roscoe, the RVHX deserves a look.

The RVHX comes in three basic sizes, with fits for a host of different revolvers. The holster comes in Classic Brown or Black and retails for $59.99. For even more info, please visit

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