Those looking for compact, rapid deployment just got another interesting option. The updated CAA MCK TAC, along with a retrofit conversion kit, turns your semi-auto pistol into a formidable, compact system. The MCK TAC fits more than 100 semi-auto platforms, delivering great versatility for shooters.


“Born out of demand by private and military security firms, we put our engineering team to work on creating the most compact and discrete MCK (Micro Conversion Kit) to date. Presenting the MCK TAC,” said LTC. (Ret.) Mikey Hartman, CEO of CAA USA. “The TAC is suitable for all real-time scenarios in which concealment and speed are paramount. Taking cues from the shooting dynamics of firearms like the HK MP5K, the MCK TAC, with included bungee sling and swivel is the ultimate compact shooting solution. Not only are we releasing the MCK TAC, but we’ve also created a TAC upgrade KIT to retrofit any existing MCK to the new TAC configuration. The TAC rear compartment keeps you in the fight by adding storage for an additional CR123 battery for your weapon light or optic, up to four 9mm rounds or even hearing protection.”

The MCK TAC accommodates more than 120 different handgun designs. It comes in a host of colors and patterns as well. The MCK TAC ships with a special bungee sling, sling swivel and rail-mounted thumb rest. They system delivers added stability and accuracy, according to CAA.

The MCK works by combining the shooter’s arm at full extension, pushing against resistance from the bungee sling. It creates a steadier platform for laying down accurate, controlled fire. The MCK TAC upgrade kit requires no gunsmithing skills, a user DIY installation. Above all, the MCK TAC provides a quick, instinctive pointing technique. The non-shouldered firing option brings compactness and speed.

Prices range from $249 to $479. For even more info, please visit

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