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Some politicians want reform so radical, it make you wonder what kind of world they want to live in. We know most left-leaning politicians want gun control. A new movement attempts to defund police nationwide. Meanwhile, Democrats in California want to drastically remove penalties for using a firearm during the commission of a crime. So we can’t have guns. We can’t have police. And now we can’t even send the bad guys away when they commit gun crimes?

California Democrats Want Reduced Sentences for Gun Crimes?

The shocking revelation comes after a bill thankfully failed in California. It attempted to reduce and/or eliminate enhanced sentences for crimes committed using a gun, reported Fox News.

“AB 1509 was held in the Appropriations committee and will not move forward this year,” Greg Fidell, policy manager of Initiate Justice, wrote on Twitter. “This is very painful – but we will be back stronger next year.”

State lawmakers backing the Anti-Racism Sentencing Reform Act claim existing law proves racist. Though it includes no language of race, these lawmakers insist gun enhancement sentences unfairly punish people of color, reported Fox News. Current California penalties gives prosecutors the ability to add 10 years to crimes such as robbery or attempted murder. Shooting a gun adds up to 20 years.

The bill would have reduced those terms down to a maximum of three years or less. It even would have repealed gun enhancement for some lesser crimes. So Democrats want to remove punishment for using a gun in commission of a crime. Meanwhile, the Biden administration and Congressional Democrats want to legislate gun ownership completely away.

Thankfully, not everyone shares these delusional beliefs, reported Fox News. Many prosecutors actually seek stiffer penalties after a year of spiking crime amid pandemic, unemployment and social unrest.

“The reason they should be sentenced more severely is the use of the gun greatly increases the danger that someone’s actually going to be killed,” said Kent Scheidegger, legal director at the Criminal Justice Legal Foundation. “Certainly a longer sentence for a habitual criminal does improve public safety by preventing them from committing crimes during the time of the sentence.”

No police. No guns. And now no punishment for gun crimes. It’s hard to understand what the agenda truly is.

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