Gun Sales Records 2020, first time gun buyer

Stop us if you’ve heard this one: Gun and ammo sales continue to surge, with no end in sight. But a bit of news emerged recently, shining more light on the unprecedented demand in all things guns. Millennials and women lead a diverse group of new customers. They join other younger groups and people of color in an ever-expanding market centered on self-defense and hunting.

Gun and Ammo Sales Surge

We’ve broken so many NICS records in the last 12 months, we’ve nearly stopped reporting on it. But March saw yet another record month set for FBI background checks. Moreover, it seems every cultural event for a year only added to the growing fire. First the coronavirus pandemic sent folks to gun stores in droves. Then the George Floyd murder and following social unrest sent buyers into a full-on panic. A contentious presidential election, one featuring gun control as an ever-present sounding board, threw gasoline on an already raging fire. Even stimulus checks only sent many consumers rushing out to buy new guns.

“We haven’t seen these trends before. More millennials, more younger-generation people, more people of color, women are embracing hunter and field to table movements, filling their freezers with fresh meat, embracing safety and self-resiliency,” said Chris Metz, CEO, Vista Outdoor, reported Business Insider. “It has created this structural shift in who is entering the market and using the product, which is really exciting for us.”

Hunting Growth

Vista Outdoor added more than 8 million new people to its hunting and shooting categories this year, reported Business Insider. A shift toward outdoor activities amid the pandemic, especially hunting, drove the growth. Vista also experienced a 40-percent growth in sales over the fourth quarter. So there’s monetary evidence to support what we all already know: this growth surge won’t likely end anytime soon.

Reports showed many states recorded massive jumps in hunting. From Michigan to Nevada, states reported spikes up to 67 percent, according to Business Insider. Like sales, women and younger participants marked the fastest-growing groups.

Other Reasons

But hunting only tells part of the story. First-time gun owners reportedly doubled in January, according to Business Insider. So President Joe Biden gets to take his bow. The most anti-gun president in U.S. history continues to drive the market. Every time the president beats his gun control drum, sales seemingly spike. Add in attacks against the Second Amendment across all fronts by Biden minions, and the storm seems to be omni-present.

From calls for assault weapon bans to Chipman ATF Director circus, the current political climate promises the surge in gun and ammo sales will most assuredly continue. And as more women, minorities and younger consumers join our 2A ranks, maybe, just maybe, we’ll be able to keep the wolves at bay.

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