The Mepro FRBS now comes with tritium for low-light use.

Meprolight recently issued an upgrade to one of its popular lines of back-up, flip-up iron sights. The Mepro FRBS adds a Hyper-Bright front sight featuring tritium illumination.

Mepro FRBS Backup Sights

The Hyper-Bright sight utilizes an extremely bright colored ring with tritium. It comes in choices of green, yellow or orange. The contrasting sight color enables shooters to acquire the front sight faster, according to Meprolight. It also improves target acquisition in all lighting conditions. The rear sight comes in two- or four-dot pattern, available in black or tan.

The FRBS system lays flat against the Picatinny rail, maintaining a low profile until needed. Constructed of fiberglass reinforced with high-grade polymer and metal, they feature a rearward operating spring. It allows users to quickly flip the sights forward, into place.

Windage and elevation adjustments come easy; the sights require no special tools. The Mepro FRBS with Hyper-Bright comprises the only backup front sight on the market utilizing tritium. The system should excel in low-light conditions.

With the advent of so many good primary optics, some shooters drifted away from irons. But optics fail, and keeping a solid, flip-up sight system remains prudent. The sights come with a 12-year warranty, so it should prove dependable. The Mepro FRBS retails for $159.99. For even more info, please visit

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