The Real Avid Master-Fit AR15 wrench set belongs on every bench.

Real Avid turns out some really solid DIY bench tools. The company’s latest, the Master-Fit AR15 Crowfoot Wrench Set, belongs on the bench of every modern sporting rifle owner. From compete builds to component upgrades, the wrench set delivers tremendous versatility and value.

Real Avid Master-Fit AR15 Crowfoot Wrench Set

Real Avid designed the armorer’s toque wrench kits specifically for building and modifying the AR-15 rifle. It comes specialized for precise fit and manipulation of MIL-SPEC and free-float barrel nuts, muzzle devices and castle nuts. The titanium coated stainless steel constructions maintains tight tolerances. The set provides solid, nut-gripping strength and no slip, according to Real Avid.

“We visit with our gun manufacturing partners quite often and they allow us access to their production floors to see how their firearms are assembled. The level of sophistication and precision in their work-flow and equipment is always impressive,” said Howard Tripp, Chief Innovation Officer. “One of the things we continually notice is that almost every assembly wrench used in production is custom made. The reason being, nobody in the gun tool market makes them. … We saw a great opportunity to bring a new professional level of precision, quality and durability commonly found in other mechanical trades, to the gun industry. That’s Master-Fit.”

Two Sets Available

The wrench set comes in two different offerings. Each set includes a Master-Fit Torque Wrench. The 1/2-inch drive ratcheting torque wrench brings a 10 to 150 foot-pound range for meeting settings and requirements. It features 45 ratcheting teeth. Meanwhile, the driver “clicks” every eight degrees. The dual-directional wrench also provides the ability to set torque on reverse threads.

The 13-piece set comes with 12 specialized wrenches, fitting most common AR-15 assembly nut sizes. It all comes in a hard-sized case, retailing for $299.99. The five-piece set includes four crowfoot wrenches. Uses include A2 barrel nuts, 3/4-inch muzzle devices, 5/8-inch muzzle devices/fixed buttstocks, and a castle nut wrench. The set retails for $149.99. For even more info, please visit

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